Lords&Servants is a game system designed to recreate skirmish games with 28, 20 or 15mm miniatures. It covers the Medieval period and it shares the mechanics of our popular system Smooth&Rifled.
In the Appendix you will find all the information that you need to create your games, from simple clashes involving a few men per side to bigger encounters with 60-80 miniatures per side, ideal for multiplayer games.

Lords&Servants is available in PDF format.
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For lists, news and other stuff dedicated to Lords&Servants
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This version (1.0) has 39 full color pages, A5 format
(ideal for tablets, but you can print by putting 2 pages aside).
The file is around 19MBs. Watermarked.

Please note
The rules are at the moment available only through Wargames Vault - direct link to product.
We are forced to do so (and not to sell through our shop) due to new EUVAT that is creating a big mess and damage to small companies operating in the digital market in Europe.
By buying through Wargames Vault you will be still entitled to get updated version of the rules, so nothing change for the final customer.