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Few simple rules enabling you to field larger armies

1) ARMY SIZE. Multiply by 2 (or by 3 or by 4, according to size) the number of Units in the list. Artillery can be multiplied max by 2.
Subdivide the army into 2 or 3 Divisions (with at least 2 Units per Division). Each Division will be lead by a General. One of the Generals will be the CinC.
The gaming board should be enlarged accordingly (above all for the width).

2) DEPLOYMENT. Starting from the Defender, the players deploy in an alternate way one by one the Divisions.
Units within one Division must not be intermingled with other Units.
Same distance, as for basic set, from side edges and table mid-line are applied.

3) INITIATIVE. At the start of each turn the players can choose which Division at their disposal they want to activate and roll for initiative. CinC Division has a +1 as modifier. The winning Division is activated and can perform as in the Basic rules.
At the next Initiative roll the player that lost initiative can try to activate the same Division or try with another one according to his tactical needs. The turn ends when all Divisions have beeen activated.

4) VICTORY CONDITIONS. Same rules as for Basic set are applied, anyway when a Division looses the 50% of its VD, at the start of its activation all its Units are permanently Disordered (no rally for them).

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