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In the middle of the battle
Analize these tactical themes and discuss them in the forum or in the mailing list

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BASIC IMPETUS is the simplified version of IMPETUS.

With BASIC IMPETUS you can play the same historical periods. The basing system is the same, but you can field an army with just 7 to 10 Units (Bases).

download now BASIC IMPETUS. It's free!!

Versione italiana (edizione 2008)
English version (2008 edition - improved version)
Versiˇn en espa˝ol (version 2008)
En franšais (2008)
Auf deutsch (Version 2008)
Greek version (2008) NEW
Polska wersja (2008) NEW
Hungarian version (2008) NEW

2006 edition
Pro ceskou verzi kliknete zde
Versiˇ en catalÓ

Updates New lists: Pre Islamic Arabs (added May 17 2010)

Vol 1 Age of chariots
Vol 2 Age of hoplites
Vol 3 Alexander and Successors
Vol 4 Rome and Italy
Vol 5 Rome and the Mediterranean Sea
Vol 6 Rome and the end of Republic
Vol 7 Rome and the Empire
Vol 8 The Fall of Rome
Vol 9 Britannia
Vol 10 Ancient China
Vol 11 Steppe Peoples
Vol 12 Armies of Islam
Vol 13 Justinian Age
Vol 14 Age of Charlemagne
Vol 15 Year 1000
Vol 16 The Crusades in Holyland
Vol 17 North Crusades
Vol 18 Feudal Spain and Reconquista
Vol 19 Feudal Europe
Vol 20 The Empire and the Italian City States
Vol 21 The Mongols
Vol 22 Medieval China
Vol 23 XIV Century Europe
Vol 24 The Ottoman Empire
Vol 25 100 Years War
Vol 26 XV Century Italy
Vol 27 XV Century Europe
Vol 28 Wars of the Roses
Vol 29 Medieval and Renaissance India
Vol 30 Medieval Japan and Korea
Vol 31 War in the New World
Vol 32 The Great Italian Wars
Vol 33 Tudor Wars
Vol 34 China, Korea and Japan in XVI Cent.


1) Divide minima by 3 and maxima by 2 (always rounded up)

2) Total VBU should be between 34 and 37

3) Only 1 Artillery A (or C) and 1 Artillery B can be used. In this case the total VBU must not exceed 35.

4) no more than 12 Units are allowed.

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