hostile ground


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Hostile Ground


Hostile Ground is a wargame that can be played solo or in cooperative mode. The ruleset is currently under development and this version (1.0) is focussed on contemporary warfare.

Unlike many other rules, Hostile Ground is designed to be adapted to the needs of the players, therefore, using the basic mechanics, they are free to create customized scenarios, event tables etc. and adapt this set for a wider period, ranging from the First World War into the realm of science fiction or a zombie apocalypse.

Hostile Ground is a “cinematic” wargame. The player (or the players, in the case of cooperative play against a Game Master) controls a super trained team with which he will have to face a less trained but numerically superior opponent. Despite the goals of being both fun and easy to play, Hostile Ground forces the player to make sensible moves. Any tactical error will be paid for dearly.