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15mm Heavy Cavalry Unit using 4 DBX bases.

28mm Heavy Cavalry.

Standard basing for 28mm infantry.

Just seven 28mm figs for this Unit (instead of the 16 required by the DBX system!!)


IMPETUS (and BASIC IMPETUS) uses a basing system that is compatible with the most popular rules. An IMPETUS base (a Unit) has a double frontage compared to DBM or DBA and quite similar to one adopted by Armati.

Base depth is not critical so you can use already based armies.

25/28mm and 20mm (1/72)
All Units require a 12cm frontage.
Depth varies according to troop types:
Wagenburg 16cm (or more if required)
All mounted and Artillery 8cm
Heavy Infantry 4cm or 6cm
Light Infantry and Shooters 6cm
Skirmishers 3cm or 4cm
Depth is not fundamental so you are allowed to use deeper bases if required by the miniatures.

15mm or 20mm (1/72)
All Units require a 8cm frontage.
Depth varies according to troop types:
Wagenburg 8-12cm
All mounted and artillery 6cm
Heavy Infantry 3cm or 4cm
Light Infantry and Shooters 4cm
Skirmishers 2cm or 3cm

20mm (or 1/72)
You can follow 15mm or 28mm requirements

10mm and 6mm
You are advised to base 10mm and 6mm troops by halving the measurements used for 25/28mm.
Alternatively you can use the measurements indicated for 15mm miniatures.

Number of figures per Base/Unit
The number of miniatures on each Base/Uniti s left up to the player’s discretion. You should remember that Heavy Infantry, above all Pikes, must be represented in closed-ranks, while for Light Infantry (in open order) or Cavalry you can be less generous and save a lot on miniatures. In the case of Artillery, Elephants, Chariots and Wagenburg, one model per Base/Unit may be sufficient

"1/72 Samnite Unit (painted by Stefano Marzi winner of Soldatini on Line painting contest).
The Impetus basing system allows you to create bases that can even be small "dioramas".

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