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Number of Units Each Basic Impetus Army has a fixed number of Units, usually from 7 to 10.
If you use our suggested big bases (see basing requirements) you can field an army in 15mm scale with no more than 50-60 miniatures. If you use 28mm scale you will need less miniatures.
If you use multiple smaller bases (DBx standard) you may need around 100 figures, but this number can be drastically reduced by ignoring the suggested depth. Depth requirements have been considered to allow more visual bases, allowing you to simulate specific formations or to allow the best use of 28mm figures
Gaming board size Suggested board sizes are 120x60cm for 6/10/15mm and 180x120cm for 20/28mm. You can anyway play with smaller surfaces.
Ideal choice forBasic Impetus is the ideal choice to start understanding the Impetus world and its game mechanics. It allows you to quickly build an army or collect more than one army even in 28mm scale. It is the ideal choice for fast games in less than 1 hour or for 1 day competitions with 4 games/rounds.

IMPETUS 300pts
Number of Units Contrary to Basic Impetus, Impetus uses a point system that allow you customize armies. For 300 pts you can field an army with more Units, usually from 10 to 15. In Impetus you also have to buy Generals and the Command Structure.
When playing with 300 pts we suggest you only use 1 General, whose cost is from -10pts (Incompetent or Cowardly Commander) to +40 pts (Genius or Charismatic Commander). The Command Structure costs 0 pts if Poor, 12 pts if Average or 20 pts if Good. You can also buy up to three Rolls of Destiny (see rules at page 44) at a cost of 5 pts each.
As the gamer can customize their army it is possible that a 300pts army may be smaller than its Basic Impetus counterpart.
Gaming board sizeSuggested board sizes are 120x90cm (or even 120x120cm) for 6/10/15mm and 120x180cm for 20/28mm.
Ideal choice for300 pts are the ideal choice for moving from Basic Impetus to Impetus as in many cases you will have just to upgrade you Basic Impetus army, adding some more options.
This is the best choice for 28mm figures, unless you own a lot of space, more spare time and a large bank account.
For the expert gamer this is a good choice for playing matches in around 1 hour. Ideal for 1 day competitions of 4 rounds.

IMPETUS 400pts
Number of Units 400 pts could be considered as a variant to 300pts but with the possibility to use more than 1 General per side.
The cost of 2 further Generals will cover a great part of the 100 pts of difference leaving the army size no much bigger than in 300 pts games.
Gaming board sizeSuggested board sizes are 120x180cm for 6/10/15mm and 180x240cm for 20/28mm. Even if armies are not as large as those with 300pts gamers may chose to use the additional 100 pts to buy more troops instead of generals, so the battlefield may require more space (thatís the reason we suggest the usage of 500 pts board size).
Ideal choice for400 pts armies allow games of around 1 hour but with more Generals per side.
A good choice for 1 day competions of 3-4 games.

IMPETUS 500pts
Number of Units This is the ideal army size to play Impetus at best and to build armies with all possible options.
This format may require armies made of 20 to 40 Units. But much depends on how you spend your budget as even with 500pts you can field pretty small armies (for example you can make a Teutonic Order army with only 12 Units!).
Gaming board sizeSuggested board sizes are 120x180cm for 6/10/15mm and 180x240cm for 20/28mm.
Ideal choice for500 pts are the ideal choice for 1 evening game (usually from 2 to 2 1/2 hours).
With this format you can make 1 day competitions of 3 games or 2 days competition with 4 games.

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