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Beta lists are to be considered as official lists until they are published on official supplements (Extra Impetus).
Beta lists are "under construction" lists and may be updated.
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Early Sumerians
Nubians NEW
Akkadian Empire NEW
Minoans and Early Mycaeneans REVISED
Achaians NEW
Trojans NEW
Middle Assyrians
Early Hebrews
Sargonid Assyrians REVISED
Kushite Egyptians
Meroitic Kushite
Early Etruscan League
Later Etruscan League REVISED
Tullian Romans
Early Republican Romans
Samnites REVISED
Pontic (Mithridates)
Spartacus and Slave Revolts
Warring States Chinese (early period) NEW
Warring States Chinese (later period) NEW
Western Han Chinese
Eastern Han Chinese
Three Kingdoms Chinese: Wei and Shu Han
Three Kingdoms Chinese: Wu
Southern Dynasties Chinese
Sertorius's Lusitanians
Cimbri and Teutoni
Western Huns (Steppes) REVISED
Attila's Huns REVISED
White Huns (Hephthalites)
Early Ostroghotic
Patrician Roman
Romano-British (Arthurian)
Early Saxons
British and Welsh Kingdoms
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Justinian Byzantines
Italian Ostrogoths
Tibetans (560-1065 AD)
Khmer (7-14th Cent.)
Sui Dynasty Chinese (581-618 AD)
Medieval Burmese
Late Tang Chinese
Five Dynasties Chinese
Shatuo ruled Hedong
Later Sassanid
Arab Conquest REVISED
Early Lombards (490-584 AD)
Lombards in Italy (584-774 AD)
Charles Martel's Franks
Charlemagne's Franks
Old Saxons and Bavarians
Later Anglo Saxons
Volga Bulgars
Later Visighotic (622-718 AD)
Early North African Dynasties (696-1160 AD) NEW
Astur Leonese (718-1037AD) REVISED
Early Andalusians (710-765 AD)REVISED
Middle Andalusians (765-1172 AD)REVISED
Early Navarrese (824-1035 AD)
Early Maya
Middle Maya
Early Russians
Early Samurai
Later Emishi
Yuan Dynasty Chinese (1275 -1368 AD)
Late Anglo-Irish (XIV Cent.)
Irish (XIV Cent.)
Welsh (XV Cent.)
James 1st "El Conqueror" (1229-1276 AD)
Early Granadines (1232-1339 AD)
Catalan Company (1303-1388 AD)
Free Companies (XIV Cent.)
Medieval Polish
Early Ming
Later Ming
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Later Maya
Samurai 1550-1600
Yi Koreans
Late XVI-Early XVII C. Polish
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Old Beta lists (no more official)

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