Basic Impetus and Impetus share the same basing, a system which is compatible with the most common standards. The table below shows the sizes of the bases, according to scale, but what about the number of figs? In Impetus and Basic Impetus the number of miniatures on each Base/Unit is up to you, so it is basically a visual issue. Anyway here some pictures of Units that can help you as a guide and provide some inspiration.

28mm. The 2 bases can work both as opponent bases and as a Warband Large Unit

15mm. Venetian condottieri (Mirliton). In this scale 6 to 8 figs are the ideal choice for CP or CM. In 28mm you can save a couple of models. Photo Pete Smith.

28mm. Skirmishers with 3 figures, a standard both for 28mm and 15mm. Photo Stefano Gardini

28mm. This base fits 10 archers, even with 7 you can create a good base (eg 4 figs in the 1st rank and 3 in the rear). Photo Rafa Archiduke.

28mm. Dismounted men at arms. From 8 to 10 figs are ok with the deeper base. With a less deep base you can halve the figures required. Photo Tilman Moritz.

28mm. As above. Photo Brian Phillips.

28mm. If you want to reduce the number of miniatures and keep the massed effect, gather the figs in the center. Photo Ross Manning.

15mm. A phalank made up with 2 Large Units (4 bases). In this scale 16 miniatures for each base is the maximum you can fit. Contrary to other Heavy Infantry Units, for Pikemen it is a must to get a proper visual effect (though 10-12 figs per base are enough). Photo Marc Gimenez.

15mm. 4 figures for Light Cavalry are good choice both for 15 and 28mm. Even 3 miniatures are enough. Photo Marc Gimenez.

15mm. For Elephants (and Chariots) Units you can use 2 models or just one and keep room for some supporting foot. Photo Markus Schmitz.

28mm. 6-8 models for Light Infantry work both for 28mm and 15mm. Miniatures are in loose/open order. Photo Josè Girona Ratzke.

15mm. In this base an FL Units has been made with just 3 miniatures with a stream to fill the rest. Photo Michale Ciemniewski.

6mm. The best scale if you love the mass effect. In 6mm you can create formations within the bases. Photo Jason.

28mm. Last but not least, a couple of shot from Javier Gomez "El Mercenario"