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IMAGE 8. Turn 3 is very important. Blue needs to win initiative, so can re-order his CP. Unfortunately we have decided that the Red Player will be more lucky in this game to keep this tutorial short ;-)
So, with no surprise, RP wins the initiative with his Alpha Command.
First (1) he shoots with his S to the Disordered CP. He rolls 3 dice (VBU=2 + 1 for Crossbow B within 15U vs Mounted). He rolls a "2", a "5" and a "6" (1 hit).
CP rolls for Cohesion Test with a Critical Number of 6 (VBU=7, -1 for Disorder, -1 for 1 hit, +1 for distance). CP rolls a "3" and passes the Test, but as already disordered he gets 1 loss (and remains in Disorder).
Now Red CPs could charge more easily. As the development of the melee will require a more detailed diagram, let's solve another fire first.
The S (2) advances and enters the ZoC of CP to shoot. Doing this, CP can react with an opportunity charge.
This is what RP wants. He has decided to sacrifice his S so that the CP charges (after having received the volley from S) to be shoot at by 2 Crossbowmen (T). If S suceeds in disorder the CP, than the mercenary crossbowmen will have good chance to inflict some casualty to the Blue CP (with the opponent's leader attached).
So S moves and shoots 4 dice (VBU=2 + 3 for crossbow B within 5U vs Mounted, -1 for movement). CP decides to charge by opportunity and S is removed just after his roll. S rolls a "2", a "3" and a couple of "5" (one hit). The CP passes its test but is now disordered.
T Units now shoot at him, but still over 15U. RP makes a mistake here as he could advance his Ts to get and extra die for distance (-1 for movement, but +2 for distance. Also, in case of Cohesion Test, the CP has a +2 modifier if over 15U, while the modifier drops to 1 if within 15U).
Shooting is not cumulative in Impetus, so they fire Unit by Unit.
Each Crossbowmen Unit rolls 4 dice (VBU=4 + 0 for shooting vs Mounted within 30U). The first T rolls: "2", "3", "6", "6" (2 hits). CP must take its Cohesion Test with a Critical Number of 7 (VBU=7, +1 for General testing, -1 for Disorder, -2 hits, +2 for distance). It rolls a 2, passes the test, but gets 1 loss as already disordered).
The second T rolls: "1", "1", "4", "6" (1 hit). Another test, CP passes it, but being disordered get another loss. Its VBU is now 5.

IMAGE 9. Now let's see in detail the melee.
Red CPs charge the Blue CPs (see frame 1). As the distance is 16U, to do so they perform 2 movement phases. At the end of a second movement Units must take a Discipline Test to see if they ended the move in good order.
They charge as a Group so only one Discipline Test is required. As one of the Unit of the Group is the General, they will pass a test with a 3+ (4 for B level discipline, +1 to die roll for General). The roll is a "5", and they charge in good order.
CP* and CPa are the Main Units, so CP1 and CPb will be Support Units.
CP* rolls 11 dice (VBU=7 + Impetus Bonus=4). Same CP1, but its dice are halved (to 6) as it is just a Support Unit. So RP will roll 17 dice!! (11+6).
BP will roll 5 dice for CPa (VBU=7, -1 for Loss, -1 for Disorder) and 3 dice for CPb (VBU=7, -1 for Disorder, halved). A total of 8 dice.
Red rolls: "1", "1", "2", "3", "3", "3", "3", "3", "4", "5", "5", "5", "5", "5", "6", "6", "6" (5 hits).
Blue rolls: "2", "3", "3", "4", "4", "5", "5", "6" (2 hits).
Both Main Units have to make the Cohesion Test.
CP* critical number is 6 (VBU=7, +1 for General, -2 for hits). RP rolls a 4. Test passed, but CP* is disordered.
CPa critical number is 1 (VBU=7, -1 for loss, -1 for Disorder, -5 for hits). Total is 0, but 1 is the minimum for the Critical NUmber. BP rolls a 3. That means 2 more losses and a compulsory retreat.
Also CPb must retreat as supporting Unit. CPa and CPb roll separate dice.
CPa rolls a 5, so retreats by 5U. CPb rolls a 3, so it retreats by 3U.
Both CP1 and CP* must follow, with separate rolls. Both roll enough to reach the opponents, but now (see frame 2) we have 2 separate melees that must be fought immediately.
As both CP* and CP1 are still fresh, they will benefit from their Impetus bonus.
RP can choose which melee to fight first. He decides to make CP1 vs CPa first.
He rolls 11 dice, while CPa rolls only 3 dice. The Red Player obtains 2 hits, his opponent none. CPa takes the Cohesion Test. Its Critical Number is 1 and it rolls a "1". This means that it has passed the test, gets 1 loss due to disorder, but doesn't retreat. The melee is ended (at least at the moment).
RP now makes the other melee: CP* vs CPa. CP* rolls 10 dice (7+4-1) making 3 hits, while CPb rolls 6 dice and obtains no hits.
With a roll of 5 for its Cohesion Test, CPb gets one loss and looses the melee. CP* reaches CPa with its follow-up: the melee restarts. Now CP* and CPa are the Main Units. CP1 supports CP*.
RP rolls 14 dice (10 for CP* and 4 for CP1), BP rolls only 2 dice.
RP rolls: "1", "1", "1", "1", "2", "2" "3", "4", "4", "4", "5", "5", "5", "6" (2 hits).
BP rolls a double "5" (1 hit). CP* pass its test, but gets 1 loss due to Disorder. CPa must take a test with a Critical Number=1. It rolls a 4 (3 more losses) and it is destroyed.
CP* and CP1 now must follow. CP* will reach CPb, starting a new melee...


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